Royal wedding: Meghan Markle ’embarrassed’ by her ‘fractured’ family, says half-brother

MEGHAN Markle has not invited most of her family members to the royal wedding because she is “embarrassed” by them, her half-brother has claimed.

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Royal wedding: Meghan Markle ’embarrassed’ by her ‘fractured’ family, says half-brother
JD, I think once the wedding is cancelled there is no loss other than disappointment for any of the invited (invited doesn’t mean you would want to go anyway) but they could always turn it into a big picnic party. Amuses me that they are inviting young people but no mention of whether Mum, Dad, Guardian, Carer is also invited to stand out in the sun and wave like a loon at the passing carriage. Rent a Crowd bring your own Picnic. Charming.

Darn temporarily removed, no there will be some disappointment but everyone can watch the game or like you said have a wonderful picnic on the breathtaking grounds of Windsor park.