Hi JD I tried to post this yesterday.  Please everyone take a look at 00:58 when she does a sneaky look at the guy on the right of the screen then again 1:14 when she does another look and the hair flick ha ha!  Is this the way a woman who loves and respects her man behaves?? she is so sly.  I hope Harry wakes up now to who she really is.

I’m quite I posted it, here it is again. Thank you 

White spots on face and neck could mean laser peels dermabrasion treatments
Brits hope you’re enjoying paying for her face
Speculation of
Course 🤨

Well let’s add to that, I put a picture through the forensic app to see what’s underneath. I have no explanation other than bruising from filler or botox. I’m not an expert. 

Thank you, Anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

The palace isn’t paying for anything 

Do it right

In your reply to anon “ if you are in it , do it right “. That says it all right there. If MM wants to marry PH , wants to be a member of the BRF , wants good press , wants the focus to be on the issues and not her attire. Then she needs to do it right. It isn’t about race and it really isn’t about her past , and it really isn’t about all the pap walks and leaks prior to the engagement. She knew what his life was all about before she slipped on that ring. From that day on she should of been trying her best to do it right. To be professional in manner and dress. If she loves him or he’ll if she wants the public to like her , if she wants to change her reputation the best place to start is to at least put the effort in to try to get it right.

.Thank you Lattedah it means a lot 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Good Job! Meghan Markle barged at Prince Harry, ME first

My ‘improved’ GIF of the ‘barging incident.’ It starts a couple of seconds earlier than the one you originally posted.  It shows the man raising his eyebrows in greeting to MM and MM immediately shoving past H (like a moth to a flame!).

Thank you anon that was very cool of you to do. 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Good Job! Meghan Markle barged at Prince Harry, ME first

Climate Change Prince Harry

My  occasional news dump on you JD – Harry met with the PM of Fiji to discuss climate change’s-chogm-agenda

We have to report on good things, and I think this vitally important to the planet. We are a power hungry people and finding alternative fuels that won’t promote greenhouse gasses. 

I was reading other articles today on Ice core drilling. We have been on earth a nanosecond and managed to really fuck it up. I’m guilty as billions are with plastic, even those vegan clothes that we called pleather are more polluting than regular cowhide. The conversation needs to be had, it’s a complex situation. 

Some of the greenhouse gases come from rotting vegetation and animal dung. A plan to pick these overly abundant sources and turn them, into natural gas to heat your house. I’ve seen it done years ago and the final product is topsoil. 

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