Maybe this is why he took her with him during the concert, giving her some photo ops.  If he is really not marrying her (and I sure hope that is true), maybe he should stop sending mixed signals to the public at this point.

IMO, she didn’t want to left alone with the Firm. 

Thank you 


I read an article in The Telegraph re Markle being a breath of fresh air. I have pasted my favourite comment below. When reading it imagine it is spoken by Prince Charles or some posh!


Oh, dear, that fatal phrase “breath of fresh air”. They used it about Diana, they used it about Sarah Ferguson … and we know how those turned out. “Breath of fresh air” usually means “flavour of the month” until the bloom is off the rose and the carping starts. “Breath of fresh air” also usually means someone still taken in by the tinsel and glamour – until the mind-numbing boredom sets in and the new kid on the street realises what the limitations are.

And, of course, along with everything you need to know about Ms Markle before she gets on to the British taxpayers’ royal gravy train in an article like this, you won’t find her long history of using people and dumping them, her desperate attempts to turn herself into a famous person with her one real talent (self-promotion) given her lacklustre acting ability, her efforts to minimise her ethnic look, and her clear preference for whiteness and white husbands and white looks and a white life and, presumably soon, children who are 75% white and therefore are not even “biracial”, as the term denotes more of a 50-50 mix. This woman isn’t just trying to forget her roots, she’s trying to bury them.

If she thinks she’s going to be able do things on her terms, or the author thinks that, they should both read a few biographies of the late Princess of Wales and the feckless Fergie. They’re classic examples of what happens when one person thinks they can stick two fingers up to an institution like this without consequences. Like divorce and losing your HRH, although in the event, she’ll of course do well out of it financially and will have gotten what she really wanted: fame.

Touche I love this !! This is what I’m thinking. Thank you so much 

Fame whore. She turned her head to look for the camera before it cuts her off. There she is, basking in the limelight but look at Haz face, he couldn’t look more different, lol.  

yep, clearly, he is not into her. Times up, cookies are burnt, time to throw out.  Time for a restraining order. 

This one a real cray, cray, this is the kind of stuff that gets people pissed off. The commenters all know it’s her If she is so confident in her so-called relationship why the hell does she have people say “this is real.” When you keep saying this people are going to question why and doubt that it is real.  

Thank you for this 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹