Meghan Markle preens herself at a spa in London


Do you remember this day?  She had been in London a few days, waiting to get an invite….it didn’t happen….this is what the only one per couple is about!  She didn’t get the invite…she is a narc….she is getting her revenge now!  She couldn’t attend…FU all…..I’ll show you!  In her mind they F’d the wrong person! She will get even…they thought it was ok to exclude her…..well….now look…..

the waiting for the cab pap stroll

Meghan Markle preens herself at a spa in London

Simone on Twitter


You’re absolutely right, Simone, and that’s exactly what she’s going to do to Harry once she thinks she doesn’t need him or that she didn’t get what she came for. Selfish narcissist !!

… but I don’t think Cory is a poor guy if you evaluate well, he’s a lucky man to have gotten rid of it while he’s making time.

I’m so grateful for our new twitter friends, you guys get it!  Let the message spread like wildfire. 

Simone on Twitter