If Harry has a drug problem as bad as the rumors make it to be , wouldn’t the BRF insist he get help before sending him out on engagements to represent the Queen ? Would he of been given the Commonwealth Youth Trust if he had a drug problem ? Surely someone at the BRF would of noticed and he would not of been allowed to represent HM while under the influence??


Exactly…thank you lattedahlattedah!  Very good points!  

Latteedah is wise

Do it right

In your reply to anon “ if you are in it , do it right “. That says it all right there. If MM wants to marry PH , wants to be a member of the BRF , wants good press , wants the focus to be on the issues and not her attire. Then she needs to do it right. It isn’t about race and it really isn’t about her past , and it really isn’t about all the pap walks and leaks prior to the engagement. She knew what his life was all about before she slipped on that ring. From that day on she should of been trying her best to do it right. To be professional in manner and dress. If she loves him or he’ll if she wants the public to like her , if she wants to change her reputation the best place to start is to at least put the effort in to try to get it right.

.Thank you Lattedah it means a lot 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Rumors of tantrums

There are those that would like us to believe that MM is getting the engagements because PH is throwing tantrums to get what he wants and HM and PC are just giving in . That they agreed to this without laying down ground rules on how MM would present herself at engagements. Without stipulating she would not be allowed to advertise what she is wearing. Without insisting that MM follow protocol to the T on these engagements. Others would like us to believe HM and PC just gave into Harry’s tantrums without considering how just letting MM do as she pleases would impact the reputation of the BRF. IF MM was properly dressed , followed protocols did not merch, leak info and advertise for the Tig. Then I might believe yes , tantrums are what is keeping this all going. However , I believe HM and PC would of thrown their own tantrum and put a stop to all this when it became apparent MM’s behavior was causing a serious hit to the reputation of the BRF. I believe if this relationship was real , MM would have rules to follow and be coached in how to properly dress and behave on these engagements. The wedding preparations would follow the example of PC’s marriage to Camilla. It would be low key and private and certainly no carriage ride. And if this wedding was forced due to a tantrum , I believe HM and PC’s would of told PH a long time ago , you can marry her but she must follow royal protocol or you dear boy will no longer perform duties for HM.

Hallelujah, this is perfect!  Lattedah well said and truthful as you can get it. 

PH said the same thing 5 years ago !

OMG ! In March 2012 , PH during an interview with a CBS reporter ( Seth Doane ) while in Brazil , during his Commonwealth tour .
the reporter asked something about ,,,if listening to his parent’s talk at the dinner table about charities was a big influence on his supporting charities today . PH made a couple jokes then he  said the following .

PH   “ with privilege comes great responsibility , so they say and it’s amazing what the title we have before our name , what affect that can have on a country , on a charity . So yea , we are slowly coming to terms with and accepting the fact that the name can make a huge difference . Therefore you have to use it . ”

reporter “ Do you have to come to terms with that ? ”

PH “ yea cause there’s a lot of times , both myself and my brother , wish obviously that we were just completely normal . But we’ve been born into this position , therefore we will do what we need to do to make a difference to people and to kids that need it ”


The media suck for going after Harry now when he said the same thing 5 years ago and they didn’t go batshit crazy about it then !!!

This is awesome, vindication for Harry Lattedah !