What a mess all in one photo (Haha at Wills though, poor fella so many new parents can relate!)

I feel so bad for him, he took one for the team.  I don’t buy the actress looks, she’s had some work done.  Hopefully, this is the last, and the UK can have their Prince back. 

Thanks, BW 

why she doesn’t wear stockings

I think i’ve discovered why she doesnt wear tights, besides them pooling at her scrawny ankles, her feet slip out of her oversized shoes easier in tights. Without tights the vacumm seal of sweat keeps them in place. Look at her trying to keep her shoes on this AM in hosery.

Anyone who says she doesnt pay attention to the press, should buy the Tower brige that’s for sale. She is hyper focused on what she’s projecting (even if it does read as smug social climber).

eww, that makes the balls of your feet more stressed out, your digging in, more foot goo is inside the shoe. Instead of getting all the cosmetic surgery done to her face, fix your feet cow patty. 

Thank you anon

why she doesn’t wear stockings