The mad about Meg tweet proves they read here. It also proves the press situation isn’t a royal issue its a Meghan issue. The royals have been dealing with the press for hundreds of years. If the firm wanted to they can say no more royal correspondents will be briefed on anything. Instead only editors.


Exactly!  The press is a major player for the BRF!  Like it or not!  The BRF know how to deal with them…as JD says…it’s 50/50 give and take!  This problem is the idiot…this is her leaking and stirring it up as a parting gift!  Yes, they run here and read all our blogs!  Do you notice they don’t get any news that can be backed up with anything?

I swear to god we were just talking about this, it is a gave and take! The charities would not get the coverage with out the valuable press and photographers. We wouldn’t be blogging if we didn’t have our royal reporters to show us these charities for us to promote and research. If you think otherwise you’re insane. We all work together or there would be no heads together.

PA Doesn’t like – I congratulate Andrew on his discerning judgment.  But the express is officially a rag now and so is this Markle continuing her attack on the Yprk family?

MM has lost her ever loving mind, we can confirm she dropped those Blind items about the yorks and as her personas on twitter. Disgusting behavior. 

Thank you ckob 

Maybe Meghan Markle shouldn’t have a title if she want to modernize

The Express article with Morton – it is ridiculous

MM needs to know her place.  This is why she is not getting Royal anything.  Diana 2.0 hogwash. If it’s such a marathon how come move to marry so fast? 

Please, someone, buy her a carriage ride for the love of God! 

Thank you ckob 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹