The Royal Who Used a Surrogate Is Not Kate

JD, Enty goes back to previously posted blinds when he feels like revealing and that’s when he adds the name(s) in red.  So, he named names regarding the surrogate and the royal.  It’s Tatiana of Monaco, who just had her third child, not Kate.

“361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#6**
Mr. X – Easy Easy: Even though they always deny it, this royal used the same surrogate she did with her other kids. The surrogate will be a very wealthy woman, she gets paid upwards in the millions to pop out those babies. Andrea Casiraghi (nephew of Monaco’s reigning monarch, Prince Albert, AKA Grace Kelly’s son) and his wife Tatiana Santo Domingo”

Thank you to Enty 💋💋 Thank you for bringing it. 

The Royal Who Used a Surrogate Is Not Kate

Enty , full disclaimer applies

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018

Blind Item #6Apparently when she was here in the US for a brief amount of time, this former A-/B+ list mostly television actress all of you know had one of her friends fly in to deliver some party supplies which she had not been able to do for almost six months. Our former actress had one hell of a night.

Guess Who?

Good morning Skippy on this beautiful and sunny April day :) so, from what I understand, CDAN requires legit and 100% proof – you may even need to sign a legal document saying that the information you are giving is genuine and if they were sued, your name would be named. Blind Gossip doesn’t have that – I know this to be true. You need proof – or proof you know the person. I don’t know if you need more than that. CDAN is more reputable than Blind Gossip. BG is used by PR for boosting clients.


Ok..thank you for the confirmation!  This is great!  Looks like someone has gotten paid for services, and should be on her way out the palace door very soon!😁❤️❤️❤️

They are the best site, and Enty is number one, the rest is entertainment

Blind Item #18

Wow, Enty didn’t wait until they broke up. He’s named names: Markle, Ratner, Mnuchin.

I guess Harry doesn’t care about her past. How can he ever live it down – with his family, friends, and the people who pay for his upkeep? It’s incredible.

And now I’m realizing the RF MUST know about all of it. I think they must have known for a long time. And they expect us to pay still to financially support the two of them?? And they seriously believe that Harry and Meghan are the hope of keeping the Commonwealth together? I’m speechless. And so very sad for HM and PP. I just don’t want to believe they (HM, PP) knew about the “alleged” prostitution.



You have made my day!!  That fast, boom! Thank you💋💋💋

Blind Item #18

The King of the Hollywood Blind Item Reveals All

JD, I know you’ve posted this previously, but I thought, in light of CDAN’s recent blind item #18 regarding the actress playing for pay (prostituting) in her game show days, people need to know just how accurate CDAN is.

I trust he will name names very soon, the sooner, the better. If the RF is aware of someone’s unsavory past and is happy to go ahead nonetheless and spend tens of millions of tax-payers money on security for a delusional carriage ride, then they very much deserve the wave of negativity that will follow. The type of negativity which could easily bring down the monarchy. 

Here is an interesting excerpt:

“A lot of times people think that blind items—because you’re not naming names and most blind items never have any reveals—have some kind of ‘shadiness’ to them. So when it leads to validation, it’s nice,” Enty told Vanity Fair recently. “It used to be that I’d wait until [a couple] had split before I’d reveal, but it’s so much better now, where I’ll just reveal it before it happens if I’m 100 percent sure. That way when it does happen, it looks even better. And I’ve noticed over the last nine months or so that if I reveal an item like that, invariably a few weeks later the couple calls it quits. I like these little tiny victories, even if only loyal readers know.”

I wonder if he’ll wait until they split to post the reveal…


For a decade now, an anonymous blogger has been revealing truly scandalous and potentially defamatory blind items about some of the biggest celebrities in the world with complete impunity. How does he do it?

How does he do it?  with a really good disclaimer! This one could go either way. He could drop it next week or right before the wedding. 

I only like enty, I feel I can trust him/her.  

Thank you for bringing this to me. 💖💖💋

The King of the Hollywood Blind Item Reveals All