he is uptight and uncomfortable she is blank – nothing there just  modelling clothes.

Remeber me talking about the up and down look? Teresa May gave her one.  I’m pissed she couldn’t even bow her head to her new religion, she doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ teachings?  MM, certainly not humble. No title.

Sign the petition. 

Thank you ckob  

Climate Change Prince Harry

My  occasional news dump on you JD – Harry met with the PM of Fiji to discuss climate change’s-chogm-agenda

We have to report on good things, and I think this vitally important to the planet. We are a power hungry people and finding alternative fuels that won’t promote greenhouse gasses. 

I was reading other articles today on Ice core drilling. We have been on earth a nanosecond and managed to really fuck it up. I’m guilty as billions are with plastic, even those vegan clothes that we called pleather are more polluting than regular cowhide. The conversation needs to be had, it’s a complex situation. 

Some of the greenhouse gases come from rotting vegetation and animal dung. A plan to pick these overly abundant sources and turn them, into natural gas to heat your house. I’ve seen it done years ago and the final product is topsoil. 

Sorry, Hijacked your ask ckob 

this article is hysterical.  Markle will give up her US citizenship despite friends telling her not to (she has friends?).  But her 5 mil fortune (which she doesn’t have) will be taxed heavily when she does.

this is BS.  She is not giving up her citizenship she has no 5 mil fortune.   This is all about keeping the story alive.  She cannot give up her US citizenship until she has UK citizenship which will take years.  But “insiders” claim this is happening.  Right

Does this ever end? Right ckob what friends? She doesn’t need you, she kicked her own flesh and blood father to the bloody curb! Yikes ! What kind of human does this? one that needs mental help

Morton you spent to much time in LA

this is an interesting article – a plea from Morton ( who is clearly a Markle sugar) to let MM have her IG account again.  Morton is another one who apparently has succumbed to celeb culture and does not know what Monarchy is or why it should npt be the Kardashian reality show.  

He makes up a number – says KP has gotten 1 million more hits since Markle- but he is making that up – he admits it is a guess.  He also then says Markle is moulding KP not KP ,moulding her.  So Morton is now spouting BS to sell his book and is obviously a sugar.  He has misjudged the environment I’d say.  But this article is all sell the book from Morton who is obviously making the rounds.

KP not going to like that, thank you ckob 

US President’s do not attend weddings or funerals in foreign countries –  US president did not even attend Churchill’s funeral.  Typically the First Lady does the honors – Nancy Regan attended Andrew’s and Charles’ weddings, and Hillary Clinton attended Diana’s funeral. So this is not because of Trump.  Ivanka could have come in her father’s stead and since Markle met her and described her as “staggeringly beautiful” she’d be a natural to attend. Or more likely Melania would have come, and Harry has already met her and sat with her at IG.   So I doubt that is why May is not invited – she is the PM of his country!  If no other head of state is invited from another country, there is no insult to Trump.  So the Trump issue does not explain the failure to invite May.  

While darling Markle was the source for the US Weekly article which claimed Harry did not approve of Trump which was totally a diplomatic blunder – these sorts of things are ignored for the sake of good relations.  So we have to look elsewhere for an explanation of why the PM of his country is not invited to a royal wedding.  I’d say it is because there is no wedding, but there may be other reasons.  Inexplicable but something else.  Face it- this is weird.  

Ckob is right about first ladies attending.  TM is too busy, she has Brexit and a war to plan. They don’t need that many important people in one place right now.  The world is a powder keg. 

You know I go with no wedding, I can’t feel it, there are too many negative vibes. I feel that the gaslighting is so bad that they don’t know which end is up with MM. The leaking, security issues and her out of control delusions. MM and her followers saying she will be queen?  Get the tranq gun loony on the loose. 

This is not dignified. 

Thank you ckob 💜💜🌹🌹🌹