where is this story that the number of invites has been reduced coming from? Was it published someplace? Or is it just anons saying less people have accepted the invite? Just trying to pin this down.

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NY located.

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So, idiot…..tell us…how is the Visa thing going? Where is Doria Gloria?  She in London?  You two going to give us a picture? (No Photoshopping remember)… hey!  I imagine that was SO humiliating being found out that Oprah and your mom didn’t have that meeting!  Got say…we knew that!  Because if it did happen….we know there would have been pictures!  But even still….shows again what a lying scum you are!  Do you get tired coming up with your headlines?  Must be exhausting….the inside voices talking all the time!  Good thing you shut out the outside noises!  Anyways, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!  Oh hey?  You must be getting really nervous now…with the press making you Enemy #1!  C’est la vie!

I think Charlotte is just amazing – a real scene stealer. George is of course growing into a fine young boy but Char has something special – sass I think. So a happy birthday to Princess Charlotte! One of the things that encourages me about Harry’s future is the comments in the DM – so many express concern for him so it shows people do care about him and want the best for him so I think that affection for him will help him move forward

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I believe the reason the number of attendees is getting lower is because everyone is saying no to attending. Harry has lost everyone and he still is pushing through come hell or high water.

Is he? Maybe he is not doing anything at all.  Since no invites were sent out, hard to invite anybody. She has snubbed her entire family, she has zero friends. 

No high water needed if  this was never supposed to happen to begin with.

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still wondering what the source of the Oprah article was – MM issuing a warning as in the VF interview about stories to tell? But Mio – her pawn (Mio – see James Whatley) debunked it so she didn’t want it out there. Was it the DM? Exposing Mom for cashing in? Not sure where this one came from what is your thought JD?

It came from someone, Maybe trying to spark interest in Oprah to say hey I want to do that one. Like I said before one phone call, and she would know what that is about. It wouldn’t pay either. This family wants to get paid.

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JD, is there anyone left at all who MM hasn’t used then abused. She appears to be devoid of normal moral compass. I see why Trevor was shattered when she dumped him as he had years of her actions/behaviour. I wonder how long it took him to recover and get back his self esteem after she left. I think the media do understand this has been a big con job directed by MM and PH got in over his head. They can help him he just need to ask. They have seen abuse in all its many wicked forms. Julie

Thank you, Julie, you’re right, they could, but only a few know the real deal, I think they are all saying this is not how it’s done. They are catching on. 

Yes, MM doesn’t have a moral compass, or she would have stayed gone. The temptation to become famous is so strong with this one she is not letting anyone get in her way. 


JD, what a great photo of HM off to see everyone at KP. That makes me so happy. She is 92 and just the most amazing lady. Happy Birthday to Princess Charlotte The Cute who is 3 today (2 May) 💕💝🎉 Today I am only thinking good thoughts for PH. The media has many honest trustworthy reliable people who are realists and they do see and understand the complex situation PH has/is involved in. They see him do his duty too. A private meeting Media/ BRF/PH should turn any negative around. Julie

Thank you, Julie, that’s what so cool about you, you really care. Big happy birthday to Princess Charlotte. I’m sure she had a ball today.