Just saw Mark Cuthbert’s tweet – and he too says he has never seen such limited coverage for a royal wedding and he has covered 25! Of course I take it is as a sign of good news. At this point we should be getting little prep videos from the florist and the cake baker and other details of the wedding. But nothing. Those videos during W and K’s wedding really added to the charm and excitement. I hope this is a sign of good news coming!

Yes, it did, it made me cry it was so lovely the details Kate went through to show how much she cared about her husband and the United Kingdom. There is nothing like that now but a pain in the ass trying to make herself happen. 

Thank you ckob, do you have Mark’s tweet? 

what strikes me is this wave of negative articles – you’d expect a pr drive to hype the wedding to bump up the TV viewership but something positive. I’d also expect KP to counter anything negative with something positive to change the mood but they haven’t. Maybe they are figuring the storm will pass but it is odd that no counter to all this negative press is occurring. Formerly the RF and their pr was utterly predictable – nothing is predictable now it is one surprise after another.

There won’t be a wedding that’s why the word is out. Thanks, ckob 💜💜🌹🌹🌹

The mad about Meg tweet proves they read here. It also proves the press situation isn’t a royal issue its a Meghan issue. The royals have been dealing with the press for hundreds of years. If the firm wanted to they can say no more royal correspondents will be briefed on anything. Instead only editors.


Exactly!  The press is a major player for the BRF!  Like it or not!  The BRF know how to deal with them…as JD says…it’s 50/50 give and take!  This problem is the idiot…this is her leaking and stirring it up as a parting gift!  Yes, they run here and read all our blogs!  Do you notice they don’t get any news that can be backed up with anything?

I swear to god we were just talking about this, it is a gave and take! The charities would not get the coverage with out the valuable press and photographers. We wouldn’t be blogging if we didn’t have our royal reporters to show us these charities for us to promote and research. If you think otherwise you’re insane. We all work together or there would be no heads together. 

Britain’s Wedding-Mad Tabloids Feel a Cold Royal Shoulder


Seems to sum up the mood.

We complained about photographers early this month, they should have access they follow them around the world and keep charities spotlighted. MM chose engagement photog instead of the British one, after all the favors they did for MM she snubed them. This girl likes setting bridgees on fire, Not to worry paps there won’t be a wedding.  Are you feeling it? Nope me either.

Britain’s Wedding-Mad Tabloids Feel a Cold Royal Shoulder

i got the impression from recent article of jehovah witness turned soho exclusive kinky sex club may be a way of indicating all the shady things that go on in their club. either nutmeg has dirt on ph or he might try to be keeping a lid on his extra curricular activities. just 1st thing that came to mind only after the headlines. after read article it seems to support 1st thought. not judging anyone. L.A.

That’s okay LA, they are hinting, they must have found something juicy. 

Thank you 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹

So, we get this big Oprah article….now we find out didn’t happen!  Why?  Was someone told to back off and NOT use Oprah……interesting!




Markle thinks she can say whatever she wants now, that everyone will stay closed mouthed like the BRF. Oprah does not play. She will call out a liar to their face, I’ve seen her do it live on her show. MM is playing too fast and loose now with her stories and it bit her on her skinny ass.