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As soon as we can figure out how to move our URL over to tumblr than that is where we will be for now.

Why pay all that money if you can’t fully use it??

Thank you for reading, JD and friends

they are only allowing one reporter inside the church too – bet it is EA. Seems like they are trying to limit coverage? Is there a plan to sell the pics to some media outlet? Harry is punishing the media? If there is no wedding it doesn’t matter. But boy this is close 17 days! Crunch time for sure.

I bet it will go down to 2 days before, it is crunch time does anyone see Markle running all over London get things together? Nope

Thanks, anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

daily media review – she has 3 People articles one of which is a pick up about why you won’t be seeing her for 3 weeks, one Good Housekeeping article on why Doria is so cool (huh?)and 3 US networks Fox CNN and ABC all stupid trivial stories. So her pr is active again. The ABC is tiara speculation, CNN compares her to Grace Kelly (sorry Grace). Looks like trying to keep interest up.

Okay, I haven’t been looking in that direction keeping my focus on the British tabs. MM concentrating on the US market or I should Sunshine Sach is, why don’t they give up already? I don’t get this, they are never going to get paid back. 

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

thanks JD – E! is MM’s outlet and that is where the story originated from. The thing is – from the very beginning they said they would only be inviting 600 so this is not new. Also – they claim the smaller number is so they can re arrange the pews to make the altar more visible. no re-arranging of the pews would make the altar more visible – it is behind a stone altar screen. So this story is bizarre – they always were only going to invite 600.

Thank you for this bit of information, now when will we find out the final count of who’s coming? The photographers are mighty upset with limitations, what on earth is going there?  They have been loyal travel all over the world to help promote the BRF, and they are being cut out? Say it ain’t so? 

30 summer dresses you’ll want to buy immediately

Check out dress No. 1 of 30. Just wondering, is she allowed to take freebies or does someone in the RF actually pay for her clothing?


“The most desirable frocks to wear as the weather heats up

The deck chair, love it 🤮

30 summer dresses you’ll want to buy immediately

Hi JD – hope you’re feeling much better now after your surgery. Just watching Sky news and the presenter and guests were laughing at the coin featuring Prince Dim-wit and Nutmeg. They commented how Nutmeg is looking adoringly at Harry and he is looking elsewhere! They also said he looks more like Tim Henman! How sad that the BRT is now reduced to being a comedy act. Thank you for keeping the faith and hugs to you, Skippy, AHPF and The Scarlet Pimpernel a.k.a Felix! :)

Thank you, and yes, you have to laugh to stop from vomiting everything so sticky sweet 🤢🤮 and utterly ridiculous. 

@skippyisheretostay @anonymoushouseplantfan Felix is out there somewhere