JD, maybe Doria went to see Oprah to see if she could get a job for MM on her return. Or maybe she wanted guidance on how to clean up this massive mess MM has created with DRs help. Like who can we dump this all on like JM, LR, MA, MS, PH to save ourselves. Both Meg and I are going to get hounded by IRS, Homeland Security, Scotland Yard, Canadian Police, the Media, angry PH fans, angry public. Our lies will come out, can you spin the story so MM and I look innocent and get sympathy. Julie

Oprah knows what’s happening in Holywood, she knows about MM. Don’t forget Gary Janetti. The word on MM is all over LA.  Duchess Sarah is friends with Oprah. 

The blame game, I can see that happening, look at what she did to Trevor, said Corey had the wondering dong, he was innocent.  MM her so-called friends are going to sell their stories about her. They are going to come out shit free for now. This could get real ugly. 

The shit is getting piled up and won’t be able to take much more and boom the sewer of lies comes flooding down. We’d all loved to see MM in handcuffs.

Thanks, Julie  💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Never give up and never give in 

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