JD, is there anyone left at all who MM hasn’t used then abused. She appears to be devoid of normal moral compass. I see why Trevor was shattered when she dumped him as he had years of her actions/behaviour. I wonder how long it took him to recover and get back his self esteem after she left. I think the media do understand this has been a big con job directed by MM and PH got in over his head. They can help him he just need to ask. They have seen abuse in all its many wicked forms. Julie

Thank you, Julie, you’re right, they could, but only a few know the real deal, I think they are all saying this is not how it’s done. They are catching on. 

Yes, MM doesn’t have a moral compass, or she would have stayed gone. The temptation to become famous is so strong with this one she is not letting anyone get in her way. 


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