G’morning dear JD, we are facing tough doubtful times the more the end approaches.. Having followed the latest articles she clearly wants him bringing down to her level, which is surely a strange gesture given by a ‘bride’ who claims being a ‘humanitarian’.. We should trying not get caught up in the negatives, we know Harry may have his flaws like everyone else, but his ❤ is in the right place.. As veteran he is loyal and understands the meaning of respect & duty towards HM and his country.;)

Good morning Wink! Skippy was having some tough times last night. How powerful a few comments can be. They should ignore those. 

I agree with you, that’s no humanitarian! That is not a loving partner.

That’s what I want to strive to, Harry is a good-hearted person, his mission in life is to help those in need, he has what it takes to effect change.  Prince Harry, you are vital. 

Thank you, Wink, 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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