After seeing the coin, I’ve lost hope. Sadly, this show is going through to a wedding. Maybe the only card they have is to go through a fake wedding and divorce. A detestable one, but who knows what’s on their plate? Meghan’s really a pig. What kind of fame is it that makes her so damn ruthless?! Sordid! Harry’s made a real mess of his life and that of his family’s. Facing up to what she’s blackmailing him for is worse than a marriage with the serpent? He better wake up or it’s suicide for him.

No need to tell me, we have given you all the proof. MM is using the same PR team as J Lo, and Bennifer ended two days before the wedding.  That coin is a collectible has nothing to do with anything, it might be a winner collectible the wedding that never was. 

This doesn’t happen in the BRF, it’s done, sit back and watch the show. 

Thank you anon, bye bye 

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