When I see this photo collage of security, boats and MM gloating in the background, the press makes it appear that she must be loving this. No matter what the cost to the general public, she is living her own real-life Mission Impossible. The public, who she will be serving, faces security risk every day. Makes me sick an officer and his wife were made to stand in. She could only wish to be as brave as those she serves. I wouldn’t mind so much if she had been showing some appreciation.

It’s all for ME, ME, ME breathy Me, LOL  

You’re right of course, the military and first responders don’t get paid enough but put their asses on the line every day.  Prince Harry served two tours in Afghanistan.  Champions the Invictus Games for injured soldiers, which I totally dig and everyone in my community does as well (vets themselves). He deserves better with a true blue in love partner, not this carpetbagger. 

The express is on a roll! I haven’t in reach the end yet. Next, it will be the Daily Mail!! The rest meh when we can have so much fun with these two Media Giants.  

You have to make fun of it, it keeps you from vomiting. 🤮

I do love the DM because they are sweetly snarky and have the best damn comments. 

Thank you anon💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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