The King of the Hollywood Blind Item Reveals All

JD, I know you’ve posted this previously, but I thought, in light of CDAN’s recent blind item #18 regarding the actress playing for pay (prostituting) in her game show days, people need to know just how accurate CDAN is.

I trust he will name names very soon, the sooner, the better. If the RF is aware of someone’s unsavory past and is happy to go ahead nonetheless and spend tens of millions of tax-payers money on security for a delusional carriage ride, then they very much deserve the wave of negativity that will follow. The type of negativity which could easily bring down the monarchy. 

Here is an interesting excerpt:

“A lot of times people think that blind items—because you’re not naming names and most blind items never have any reveals—have some kind of ‘shadiness’ to them. So when it leads to validation, it’s nice,” Enty told Vanity Fair recently. “It used to be that I’d wait until [a couple] had split before I’d reveal, but it’s so much better now, where I’ll just reveal it before it happens if I’m 100 percent sure. That way when it does happen, it looks even better. And I’ve noticed over the last nine months or so that if I reveal an item like that, invariably a few weeks later the couple calls it quits. I like these little tiny victories, even if only loyal readers know.”

I wonder if he’ll wait until they split to post the reveal…


For a decade now, an anonymous blogger has been revealing truly scandalous and potentially defamatory blind items about some of the biggest celebrities in the world with complete impunity. How does he do it?

How does he do it?  with a really good disclaimer! This one could go either way. He could drop it next week or right before the wedding. 

I only like enty, I feel I can trust him/her.  

Thank you for bringing this to me. 💖💖💋

The King of the Hollywood Blind Item Reveals All

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