I have to say JD🤔 Andrew morton gave some validity on this wedding happening. He said things like “the coat of armor was passed down a few weeks ago and doria will walk MEagain down the ails”. U know I don’t know how Royals ceremonies works but I get the sense that Andrew validate this wedding by noting it on national TV. To be honest I was disappointed, Andrew spilled the tea on MM7 in his book but then pulled back on national TV. WHY🤔? Unless the wedding was given the green light🚥.- Eclipse

Did he? He never talked to the Royal family or anyone close to them because they don’t talk. 

What coat of armor the funny one with yoga moves? 

All of me says Protocol still exist and didn’t make way for MM. 

Andrew Morton is not beloved by the Royals after the Diana book. Like the Diana book, it is one-sided.  We have to consider this, protocol always.   MM7??? MM IG? 

Morton is trying to sell a book as quickly as possible, and it also raises MM profile.  Good or bad. 

This is my personal opinion, Harry is a senior Royal, he is deserving of the pomp and circumstance.  Even by chance, they do get married, she is never going to fit in. 

Thank you Eclipse

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