Harassment?! LOL


Dear Skippy, JD, and Felix,

Just wondering, in my supposed “thousands” of visits to your blogs, have I ever done any of the following?

  • Publicly circulated unflattering or embarrassing photos of you in an attempt to make you feel humiliated and laughed at?
  • Made derogatory comments based on your appearance, race, gender, sexuality, or socio-economic status?
  • Slut-shamed you?
  • Spread false information or started rumors about you?
  • Taken action or encouraged others to take action to publicly embarrass you?
  • Called you vile names or made up horrible nicknames about you?
  • Publicly disseminated stolen private images of you and encouraged others to do the same?

…if the answer to these questions is ‘no’, then you should really STFU about harassment. I truly can’t think of anyone with less grounds for a harassment claim than you.


Well, well, well…Lisa Meghan Ling…

1.  I can’t  help it if you can’t control all the pictures of yourself…sometimes a person doesn’t get a chance to photoshop…what can you do?  You don’t feel humiliation so that’s not a problem for you! We laugh because you are so entertaining…..you are in the entertainment business?  Or were?

2.  Your appearance….come on now!  You dress like a slob…even the Scotland pony dressed better!  Race, never said one word!  Don’t care! Whatever to the rest, as irrelevant!

3.  Honey, it’s amazing what you learn from Toronto!  I’ve told you that before!  And many stories have been written!  

4. Spread false information and rumours?  Honey you do that all on your own!  Well documented!

5.  Never have we encouraged anyone to publicly embarrass you, they do that willingly.

6.  Honey, you have lots of nicknames , most not given by us!  And let’s not go there, or I will have to repost some of our previous conversations about the BRF!

7.  Stolen private images?  I don’t post those pictures, and don’t encourage others to do so….Felix does post them…you should speak to him directly!

The harassment that goes on here….that’s all your sugar followers!  You encourage hate, lies….that’s what you do!  Not what we do!  I know the end is near…wedding being called off…the stress is getting to you….must be difficult not knowing what road life will take you on….I can give you a hint….it won’t be everything you dreamed of……but you still have The Tig….maybe you can make something out of yourself…..you never know!  By the way….I don’t hate you…never have…I have a great appreciation for you as an entertainer….I will close now and add my favorite photos ….

Images are from legitimate sites, the palace said that topless with the girls wasn’t you, they never said stolen or they would have been ripped down the same day. We would need a police report and Article that says so. If MM signed a release she signed her privacy away. 

Just as she is about to become alledgly a public servant and represent a country, there will be scrutiny, the press will put in their digs for rest of your life MM. If you want to love a royal life so bad, you need to consider the scurtiuny you’ll be under. We will report on what is being reported with opinions.  

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