MM role in CHOGM, Hello I’m Meghan

I never went to CHOGM but I’ve been at NATO conferences in London.  Same format for this stuff.   There are endless “forums” and after awhile you zone out.  Each separate work group then has a closing reception with the same catered snackie things and inexpensive wine, soda etc.  While the conference goes on discounted tourism events are made available to the participants and pretty soon people start ducking out of the meetings and hitting the London sites restaurants etc.  So the receptions only get the newbies or people looking for the free meal.  These receptions don’t last long and people duck out fast.  So this is what she is getting – the least important event with  large groups of people milling about grabbing the free food and then vanishing.  The really important receptions are the ones held by the individual countries or sponsors.  They often have lavish spreads and a lot of networking occurs at these.  

No one should get excited over her getting these 2 receptions – they are side shows to the real business.  This is not some sort of diplomatic debut.  She’ll walk around with Harry for 20 minutes shake hands make a lot of “how sweet” “fabulous” “amazing” remarks and then leave.  

Thank you ckob 

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