Have been talking to people who were previously mega positive about MM, not sugars just thinking she was great and good for Harry. Anyway they are starting to have proper doubts and that is without the 5 guys who paid to play at 500/hr info. They are also questioning the lack of buzz about street parties etc, like nobody is planning anything for 19th, just not interested.

Hello! $500 an hour for that? Does she take her teeth out? 😹😹😹

I’m glad to hear more people are waking up, welcome.

They were offering financial help for street parties, but I heard nobody gives a rat behind because they are sick to death of having MM rammed down their throats. 

It’s football day! Who plans a wedding on the biggest sporting event of the year? 

Hey, what else did you hear about the pay for play? 

Thank you anon💜💜🌹🌹🌹

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