Someone can give me a summary of the National Enquirer, I’m in France it’s blocked. I do not have access. thank you very much

I haven’t read the article but National Enquirer is stating that Harry has been Blackmailed by Mm to marry him which is pretty ballsy to publish an article like that. That indicates to me that the press do have dirt like we have been warned and articles like this will begin to come out.

If anyone understands french and gets to read the article pleas feel free to send me an ask and briefly describe what that article is stating.

thanks mysterious😊👍

😲 blimey if true that’s pretty bold.

Even if it’s wrong, it hurts his image, if they attack the English public will turn to the American tabloids. Everyone knows that the newspapers are stuck because of Diana.
If there is anything that will come from the USA. @hellojg74

It will come from all sides once the ball starts rolling. Everyone will be in there.

Correct @hellojg74 @mysteriouslytransparentwitch it will come from every direction around the world and even more legit media outlets will publish.

I agree with Felix, it’s going to be snack days!! load up and wait for the show to begin! 

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